Using visualization tools to better your life

Medically Reviewed By: Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPC

Do you want to start a business? Have a special talent you are trying to tap into? Or maybe you’ve set a goal that seems as big as Mount Everest and are now looking for a way to accomplish this goal. Many people across the world are who they are because of the power of visualization. Visualization is the process of using mental imagery and positive thinking to create desired change or to achieve a goal in your life. In essence, visualization is a creative way of imagining or thinking that can be used to shape your life into your image of what it should be. Using visualization tools to better your life is one of the best ways to bring about positive growth and promote success.
Visualization vs. fantasy
Fantasy is not visualization as confused by many people. Daydreaming has no purpose and requires no steps afterward. Using visualization tools is an alert and proactive activity which helps you have a clear picture in the mind of what you want to achieve in the world. It is an inner transformation and therefore, it is not affected by the external world. Attention perception, memory, planning and motor control are among the cognitive processes that are impacted during visualization. Visualization prepares your brain for the real action.
The problem is that many people struggle with learning to use visualization tools to better their lives. This is where consulting with a certified counselor can be extremely helpful. Because professional counselors are trained in using positive techniques, they can help you learn to use visualization to draw-in the life you’ve always dreamed of living.
Importance of visualization
Just like creating your dream life is possible through visualization, there are other advantages to using these tools. Other benefits of visualization are as discussed below:
Boost your motivation – it is helpful in making sure that you feel motivated as well as excited to create what you desire.
Programs your brain – visualization is meant to program the mind into finding various ways on how to manifest your goals or dreams. Your brain will be prepared for the reality and obstacles will be fought for future success.
Enhance confidence – practicing visualization is essential in making you more confident. The more you envision about the achievement of your goals, the more you feel confident and put your actions one-by-one.
Reduce stress – visualization takes place only when you are in a state of calmness. It helps in eliminating stress and worry that you may have as it clears your mind for you to see you dream life.
Visualization step-by-step
Visualization is a great technique because its main purpose is to enhance the quality of lives. Many business people, athletes, and celebrities use the practice of visualization for positive outcomes. The following steps should be taken during the visualization process.
Set your goal
Make an informed decision on what you want to be, do, have, enjoy or work towards. This ranges from business, job, relationship, love, improved health, peace to desire to heal from hurt. A great way of knowing what type of life you want to live is establishing what you want and the ultimate reason behind it. Make sure that you the value of the things you desire. A perfect sign of creating a determined goal (what you want, do, have or be) is the happiness you derive from doing something.
Describe your goal In detail
This is attributed to creating a detailed mental image of the desired results as if you have already achieved as well as visualizing that the success is happening right away. The imagining scene should be real as to what is going on around you.
Creating a vision board or writing down in detail your goal is very important and one of the best visualization tools around. It gives you the complete picture of how you want your life to look like as it covers how the activities will unfold into reality.
Begin visualizing while creating emotions
Take this step only when you are ready to picture the actual result. Start to envision the sounds, the sights and the feeling of achieving what you desire. Do not ignore the feeling of the emotions that come along with this image. They are a part of the visualization process.
Focus and repeat
Powerful visualization is achieved through repetition. The imagined scene or situation should be integrated into your real world. Having your imagined world every day will help build who you want to be, and certainly, it will be clearer in the brain. You should step into your desired reality through actions. If your vision board includes an image or affirmation that represents being at a healthier weight, do things to promote the vision like going to the gym. If you want to be a better cook, practice a new recipe every time you look at the board.
Repetition is key. Remember that success is not achieved overnight, therefore, focus daily on what you need to work on and set yourself every day to reach where you want.
Have perseverance, grit and positive energy
Encouraging vibes and positive energy keep you on the right path. Understand that your goal exists and it is coming to reality. Practicing positive affirmations is an important part of achieving what you want. They are aimed at suspending disbelief while supporting the experience that what you desire is good, real and possible. If you want a love filled life, one visualization tool that can better your life is practicing an affirmation by standing in the mirror and saying something like “I radiate love and others reflect love back to me.”
Effective visualization tools
Use of visualization tools in your life may lead to powerful Law of Attraction. You will be able to create an image in your mind of all that you wish for in life. By putting your wishes out there, you inform the whole world of what you want. This occurs through finding your goals, staying focused and manifesting them.
To make this happen, you must have a motivated and optimistic mindset. The tools are:
Daily positive affirmations
These are encouraging statements which can reshape your beliefs. Purposefully, they keep you moving towards your goals. They can be spoken or visual affirmations. The universe responds to positive thoughts and energy. Therefore, repetition is key to your daily positive affirmations. When you tell yourself that you can do it and the more the message is received and accepted, then, the more your goals will be manifested. You can have your affirmations on a sign and place where you can see them all the time.
Meditation as a visualization technique is effective when your mind is present and clear. Truly, you will gain access to your inner identity during meditation than ever before. In that moment of full presence of yourself, you can focus on your aspirations, own self and goals. Envision your desired dreams, have a positive space while sending out positive energy as you meditate. Meditation is well-known to release negative energy that may hinder you from achieving your dreams. Choose a time that you will dedicate to mediation as you make it a daily thing.
Dream boards
Also referred to a vision board, it is how you represent your goals visually. A dream board is a very creative and inexpensive way which connects you with your future desires. You can make one by using magazine cutouts, drawings or natural objects. Through the creation of a dream board, you will be able to identify what you wish for and help you emphasize your daily positive affirmations. A vision board is unique to every individual and anything that motivates you should be on your board. You can have your dream board on the wall of your bedroom or in your office.
Creative visualization
This involves creating art which represents your goals or dreams visually. On your computer, you can draw, create graphics, write or paint your goals. It is a creative outlet that some people may prefer for their dreams and goals. Hang up your creative art in a place that you can see it all the time so it can motivate you forward.
Magic check
Many people believe that using visualization tools can attract financial freedom. It is a great visualization technique that is also referred as dream check. You write a check out to yourself which clearly states what you desire. It can be financial or non-financial, like finding your perfect love partner, new job or business success. Place the check in your purse or beside your bed or some other suitable place. Believers in this technique claim that the focus will attract your desire to you.
Gratitude journal
Writing down all the things that you are grateful at the end of the day leads you to have a gratitude journal. Take a few minutes every night before you sleep and write about ten things you are grateful for during the day. This habit leads to a positive mindset, will help you lead a happy life and give you an expectation for the future. Therefore, it will lead to the visualization of a more positive future.
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