Mayor commends honest, respectful drivers


Mayor Benjamin Magalong acknowledged that honest and respectful taxi and jeepney drivers have become a source of great pride for the city.
“We commend our drivers for giving substance to the city’s title as a character city. Please maintain these endearing traits that set our city apart from other localities,” the mayor said.
The city government has been receiving reports on good deeds by taxi and other public utility transport drivers almost on a daily basis.
But the mayor said that while most of the city’s drivers display honest and cool demeanor and respect for the law and authority, it cannot be helped that there are those who are rude and unkind.
“We encourage our commuters and the public to report erring and misbehaving drivers who endanger the lives and safety of others, ignore traffic rules and regulations, disregard the rights of pedestrians or are rude to passengers. We do not tolerate bad behavior in our public transport sector,” the mayor said.
To report such incidents, please call 911 emergency hotline or Traffic Enforcement Unit +639177024621. ** Aileen P. Refuerzo


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