A Bitter Sweet Day


By Shawn Marc B. Carreon

The sky that greets me is gloomy but shining,
Still giving me light, in my own solitude.
The same path, I trampled
multiple times,
Yet footprints remain, embedded
with time.

A lush full of greens that paint the eye,
Mother Nature’s beauty can’t fill
a canvas.
They stand as though, reaching for
Along with the birds that caress the wind.

The sun that sinks, below it rests,
Its trails beloved, as its sheds its beauty.
The winds harness the cold, sending
shivers to my spine,
But such relief, like my sorrows have been shook away.

Now a shadow hangs over the sky,
With a light that’s dim, leaving the eye.
How bitter yet sweet is the end to
such a day,
Tomorrow waves, as I hit the hay.**


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