Being health conscious in this digital age


By Joel B. Belinan

“That Baguio day event proved the assumption that those in attendance were indeed health conscious. And I did not observe anyone of the other kind, that they were sosyal kaya nag join ng yoga class.“

Health is Wealth! These three words we often hear and yet it seems that as the world becomes more technologically advanced including in the field of medicine, people are not becoming healthier and instead are now being besieged by more and more diseases.
Thus, we should be more equipped with various means to attain and maintain a healthier body and mind. This is because while information and technology are ushering in all sorts of things we hardly could comprehend 30 years ago, it is also ushering in negative information that confuses or even misleads us from what is right. It is always two-sided, if there is a positive there is a negative, evil and good, Yin and Yang.
Last Thursday (Sept. 1) during the observation of Baguio Day, our group, the Ananda Marga Yoga unit in Baguio in coordination with the City Government through the Baguio Tourism Office and hosted by the Abanao Square Mall management conducted a yoga asanas and meditation class. As I said in one of my recent columns here, yoga has become one of the popular things that health conscious minded people are into. Although sometimes joining a yoga class is not just for being health conscious and for keeping a good figure. When you are in a yoga class, “sosyal”.
Indeed, while it is true that being health conscious does not guarantee your being in good health, it is the start of one’s effort to attain that. And such effort should be coupled with a healthy balanced diet and, yes, exercise. Does it mean that a well-balanced means having to become a vegetarian? This question is always thrown at me, especially by those who know that I have been a vegetarian for nearly 40 years. My answer is, “not necessarily”. But being a vegetarian is an advantage as it means one is shielded from the numerous harmful effects of a meat diet. However, being a vegetarian should include a proper programming and balancing of one’s food intake. And it has to be always accompanied by exercise and a positive and happy outlook of life. Do I sound as if am lecturing? I am just sharing my experience as an Ananda Marga Yoga practitioner and what I understand of its philosophy.
That Baguio day event proved the assumption that those in attendance were indeed health conscious. And I did not observe anyone of the other kind, that they were sosyal kaya nag join ng yoga class.
The Yoga Asanas was excellently conducted by Sister Ista Marie Wasan who happens to be the owner of the vegetarian restaurant in the same building and was one of the very first Yoga Asanas teachers in Baguio. Ananda Marga monk, Dada Madumaya, who hails from Russia handled the yoga meditation part, Sister Rashmi Wasan led the participants in the Kaoshikii Dance- a physico-psycho-spiritual dance, and Dr. Leo Calimlim explained the health benefits of yoga asanas, meditation, and diet, both to the human mind, body, and spirit.
Among the participants, I saw a few popular or well-known people. From the City Health Department and the Department of Health there was Dr. Penny Domogo, former Provincial Health Officer of Mountain Province but now retired; Atty. Fran Macli-ing Claver; fellow journalist Manong Bony Bengwayan; a few of my Burnham boxing fellows, and those from the Maharlika Martial Arts Center. It can be said that yoga which is an ancient science has become very popular in this modern age. A big contributor to this is Hollywood.
I also heard that the Abanao management expressed their intent to have another event of this sort towards the end of September. Watch out for our announcement. **


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