Coming back home


By Shawn Marc B. Carreon

Away from the embrace, we set out on our own pace,
Our hearts brace as it is lit ablaze,
The sparks of ember each one a tear,
As the gust of wind wipes our tears.

A belonging place where faces remain,
Embraced with memories, each one still remains.
The sun shines as the wind’s dance in place,
The floods of glee rushes to our face.

The twilights of the hall, an echo of laughs
as we stead along entwined with a long breath.
Such warmth all throughout, it surrounds the air.

Greeted by such faces with the voices of day,
The solace of the mind reaches out to play.
”Welcome back” as they say, serenity stays
For this is where I was meant in the first place.


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