Competitive games


By Jan Vicente B. Pekas

“Watching these competitive series, you can admire the level everyone takes it up to, all to win the much coveted trophy.“

Though our countries are split by an entire ocean, Filipinos still have great interest in American sports through our televisions. We especially tune in when the playoff starts, when entertainment reaches its peak and competition is taken to another level. When every Filipino is shouting in support of their team across the ocean and catch the games live no matter how early it is in the morning.
I remember when you could get consistent updates from the game just by walking around the community. Chances are, the television inside peoples’ homes have their volumes cranked up enough for people outside to hear the announcers.
Often you could catch the elderly tune into the games through their radio, just sitting outside discussing their own in-depth analysis or their frustration to what a certain player, Lebron, is doing to their team.
Watching these competitive series, you can admire the level everyone takes it up to, all to win the much coveted trophy.
From the coaching staff to the players, adjustments are made in every game. What went wrong in the previous game or what can the team do to defend their players better, all sorts of questions are asked and everyone racks their head into thinking of the perfect solution.
American sports usually have their playoff games last until seven games. There is enough time for any tactical changes to be made and show the brilliance of the coaches and players.
Seven games for each round can test the patience of any fan. Between those games everyone is brought back to reality and make their own adjustments on how to advance in life.
For the ordinary folk, we have our own seven game series every week. Though there are no rest days in between and each game must be played everyday.
Each time we go to bed we think of what we must change in order to have a better tomorrow. For students transitioning from high school to college, there must be a better game plan in order to pass your subjects. Innovative tactics should be utilized when currying up to the teacher tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, gain their favor.
There are countless series to go through before we reach the promised land. Countless adjustments are still due before our path gets any closer to our own gold trophy. The next round will always be tougher than the last but it only means progress is made.
Just like the teams we each support, we have people who root for us to reach glory. Even when teams are out of the playoffs, their supporters remain for the next run. They are always there, louder than before.
Our own cheering squad is always behind us, backing us to play each game like its our last, motivating us until we lift that trophy.**


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