Small things that show concern

Here were some of the low hanging fruits ready for the picking. So they were picked.
Stop the “tanim bala” at the airport! Du30 before he even stepped into Malacanang told airport security officers to stop it and so it was stopped. Thereafter, somebody there was fired.
The long queues at train stations in Metro Manila were the favourite of photojournalists so they kept on gracing TV screens every news prime time. Then Du30 said many train card outlets shall be opened and it was just officially announced it will be done in a few days.
A Freedom of Information law was one of the campaign promises of PNoy but his term had come and gone and it never came about despite his repeated assurances. Du30, a few weeks after his ascension to the throne, issued one. He even went further and ordered the issuance of a similar measure for the protection of whistle blowers or those who reveal corrupt acts and point to those responsible.
Our hapless OFWs had always been praised as our modern day heroes but not much was ever done to make life easier for them. Du30 ordered that a one-stop building must be established for them so they will not have to go to the NBI at Taft Ave, Manila, for instance, just to get a clearance and then go back to Pasig City to accomplish things at the OWWA building there. On bad days it takes a day to go from the former office to the latter.
Then there was the activation of the 8888 line for complaints and 911 for emergencies.
But to go simpler, Du30 ordered the extension of the validity of drivers’ licenses from three years to five years, and passports from five years to ten. Very simple and yet a great step.
How about abuse of the environment and exploitation of the masses? Several mining permits got cancelled and the demolition of fish pens at the Laguna de Bay that deprived ordinary fishermen from having a good catch—thanks to the rich and powerful— has started in earnest.
Simple but great accomplishments. What about past administrations? They just talked a lot.
This piece however does not mean we are supportive of extrajudicial killings. It is morally and legally justified only as a matter of self-defense. **


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