By Jan Vicente B. Pekas

“As we go through life, each day is never short on lessons we can learn from.”

Sleepless nights for a student can be attributed to many things. There are always the usual, home works and quizzes that keep us up all night. Some students have good reasons, mostly due to the impressive amount of effort they put in studying. While others like me are quickly overridden with the consequences of last-minute studying. Expectations quickly lead to nervousness, and there is nothing like the thought of failure to get the blood flowing. Suddenly, I find myself wide eyed in the middle of nights. Worries and speculations seemingly in bed with me, whispering to my ears all through the night.
Still, a student’s life is not too one dimensional. Even the heart is more than capable of keeping the body awake. When wild imaginations run rampant and the body sweats. Yet the 19-year old boy could have never been so far away from falling asleep.
Even when the body is tired, when my head is still so full of energy, I am left with no option but to entertain my imaginations. It is during these late hours that my absurd ambitions seem to rise. And as the night continues its course, the hilarity of these dreams of mine evolve further. Even I can’t help but laugh at some of my own thoughts.
But, in recent weeks, my nights have been filled with the images of graduation day. Even a month past, I have dreamt of the bright lights and music. The sensation of walking up the stage, I have longed for. Although I am probably not alone with these thoughts, the specialness of this day is understood by us all. Now, it is no longer a thought in our heads, our special day is right in front of us, able to be reached for and grabbed.
The silence of the nights makes for a good environment for thinking. Especially in the dark, I am able to freely let out my own inner thoughts. Among these are sometimes the dreams and ambitions I hope to achieve. But as comfortable as my own imaginations are, sometimes I get too focused on thinking about my dreams instead of exerting effort to make them real outside.
Now, as one of my ambitions is right in front me, mere imagination cannot compare to the happiness of a dream fully realized. As fun as it is to stay in our imagination, there is no life like the one we have now.


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