By Jan Vicente B. Pekas

“We can always be there for others when they are down and when they are up in life. Not just anyone who joined in when the money started to roll in.“

It’s a bitter feeling to swallow when the sports teams you support are losing back to back. You would think that supporting different teams in different sports would result in better chances of the euphoric winning feeling to come to you. Turns out, the chances of ugly losses piling onto each other goes up too.
Wins and losses come and go but the latter feeling just sticks a little longer. Giving your support to anyone can always end up in disappointment. Just like an investment is not a sure thing to double your money. Although, when the stars align for you and victory comes your way, there is no better feeling than seeing your cheers being led to winning. Passion rewarded can cheer any man up for a good amount of time.
A child making his/her parents proud can always leave a lasting smile. The effort a family puts into their children is never ending and runs deeper than the ocean. Like a child on a graduation podium, the efforts can lead children to many victories.
Support won’t always guarantee someone success but it definitely helps. A person’s support, however, does not give anyone the right to be entitled and throw a fit when the child is not performing to one’s standards.
Some philosophy out there tells us that doing good must be done simply for the sake of being good, not the rewarding feeling afterwards that makes us feel good about ourselves.
In the modern age where the youth are carrying so much pressure and expectations, the last thing they need is support that won’t be there when they are down and cheers that are quick to put them down further simply because they are not doing better.
When a person is doing good in life, it will always be due to the support that have been there from the start. Anyone can jump on the bandwagon, but the wagon would not have even moved without the right people from the start.
The children of today will be accomplished people someday, but not without the proper support. Like a team that turns their season around, people are capable of turning their bad situations to one being on the rise to success.
Support that will always be there even when they are down, cheers that can help  people get back up to their feet, they are both needed in helping people against unfair expectations, especially the youth. Even teams that are in severe drought of trophies had loyal fans to support them each match. It is these same fans that truly deserve the feeling of winning.
The parents who have been their since the beginning for their children are true fans that deserve to reap their rewards.
We can always be there for others when they are down and when they are up in life. Not just anyone who joined in when the money started to roll in.


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