By Jan Vicente B. Pekas

“ Similar to being a fan of a sport, emotions should be used as a way to support others, not a gateway of hate or for

Sports entertainment has benefited greatly from the advances in technology. As fans of certain sports, we can watch the greatest players who have ever played the game through a television screen live, while they perform oceans and continents away from us. But that does not matter, we cheer our hearts out. We share in their victories with pride and joy, and wallow with the team in sadness when defeat comes knocking.
Sports can unite and divide people to such a terrifying effect. To the extent of what they call as tribalism. The us and them mentality. When nationality matters no longer and your sport takes up most of your identity. Sometimes words of insult cannot be enough to satisfy the divide of such teams, and violence comes to answer those irrational thoughts.
Anything can happen in a game, the underdogs always have a chance to pull an upset. Something we all like to see in our world dominated by the elite.
Basketball maintains its tight grip around this small country, seemingly impenetrable by the world’s sport, the beautiful game, football/soccer. Instead, we remain stubbornly loyal to a sport dominated by genetic freaks. Where the athletes are as tall as trees and run faster than any man. Sadly, a lot of us are just not tall enough.
With the relatively recent conclusion of the World Cup, sports had once again showed us how devastating sports competition can be. Both for the fans and the players. It wasn’t uncommon for tears to show after the final whistle blew.
With a historic back to back win for France being a possibility, the loss of the team broke the hearts of many. It wasn’t long until racism came flooding in. Players were abused and treated unfairly. This was not the case for the other fans who quickly defended their players and supported them.
To delve into the world of sports as a supporter, emotions will put our heads through a rollercoaster. No matter how we feel in victory and defeat, as a bystander and as fellow humans, passion should not be used for evil purposes.
Passion can take us far in life. It can be a fuel that drives people to success.
We Filipinos are a very emotional bunch. We wear our hearts on our sleeves. And always try to live life with a smile. So, it is vital for us to be more controlled of our emotions. Countless times have the people of the Philippines let their emotions run out of control and get taken advantage by sweet, seductive words.
Similar to being a fan of a sport, emotions should be used as a way to support others, not a gateway of hate or for manipulations.


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