Thanks a lot for your prayers


By Atty. Antonio P. Pekas

“But what you want might not be granted by God no matter how much you pray is if it is not good for you. He is the sole arbiter regarding that.“

When I suffered the heart attack last Dec. 1, so many prayed for my recovery. At the very least I owe you an update. Here is the deal. The other day, I brought to my cardiologist for interpretation the result of my 2D Echo. It is a medical procedure to map out what is wrong with my heart. Blockages and inflammations can be seen there.
With bated breath, I waited for the verdict. Then she smiled, “very good.”
What a great relief. The inflammation subsided to almost normal. My heart is now better in doing its job. It now pumps stronger. And all the other vagaries there were substantially reduced or lessened. It means there is still a long road to full recovery, but am on my way.
I now can leisurely walk two kilometers of flat terrain. There is a noticeable uptick in my energy level.
About a month ago I also brought some lab test results to the kidney expert. He was also happy. All indications pointed to my vastly improved kidneys.
So, sorry funeral and kidney dialysis center sales reps. You might have to wait for years.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all your prayers.
Aside from the medicines that I take by almost a fistful every after meals, I can also attribute my better condition to eating the right vegetables and fruits. ( Thanks to being a vegetarian for almost 50 years). Special mention has to be given to turmeric (cancer prone people pay attention) which we harvest from our yard and papaya which became my favorite fruit. Their fantastic medicinal properties can be readily verified with Google—to which a big debt is owed as it was always a ready reference on whether or not a food item was good for the heart or kidneys.
Then there is my friend, an alternative medicine doctor who sticks his magic needles all over my body almost every week. They contributed to strengthening my internal organs.
Most of all, was the real life saver. Meditation or long intense prayer. The preparation for this came almost 50 years ago. I got initiated into it—yoga meditation– at UP Los Banos in 1975. Since then, twice a day meditation became a part of my life, up to now.
How intense and how long should an intense prayer be? 15 to 30 minutes. Let me illustrate. Sometime in the late 80s I was handling a court case in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya. Sometimes the bus I was riding in from Metro Manila would arrive there before daylight. I would often go to the Catholic church nearby to wait out the darkness. Invariably, just before 5:00 a.m. the newly bathed Caucasian priest there would enter the church and kneel to pray. He would be in that position for about 15 to 30 minutes. Now that is what I call long and intense prayer. Some yoga practitioners would sit in prayer for hours.
Another thing I should be doing which I neglected the past years was going into a spiritual retreat every year for at least a few days. It is high time I scheduled one again.
What can intense prayer or meditation do? It can make things happen for you.
But what you want might not be granted by God no matter how much you pray is if it is not good for you. He is the sole arbiter regarding that.
Thus, if what is good for us is to die tomorrow or at another time, it will happen. If what is good for us is to suffer to pay for past sins, it will also happen.
Yes, life is good and beautiful.


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