The graduates


By Jan Vicente B. Pekas

“Young students are creative people, they can surprise anyone.“

It has been a time for celebration for some. The number of people with togas walking around the city in the past week really reminds you just how many people there are in this city. The lines to restaurants were impressively full of young children decorated with their achievements. As always, the sight of families going out together after a school term is always a wholesome one. Considering what young students these days have to endure in order to be able to walk up the stage, they deserve a hearty meal after all that.
In these days of recognition, everyone in the family gets involved, not just the student. It is always something to look forward to even if you’re not the one graduating because there will always be food for everyone. It is these days that busy family members get together and try to outlast one another in eating. Then children are finally free from the school schedule and get to loosen up for a time.
Those early morning schedules back in high school was always a race of endurance. If you live far from school, then that race gets much harder. As the term goes by you cannot help but get tired from the same routine. The abundance of homework and quizzes can tire out any student’s mind. It won’t be long till the students adapted and molded to have a more robotic function.
Vacation days are a time for rest. Though rest can be too plentiful. The time free from school is always a time for us to explore our own individual interests. It’s hard for students to be creative when they are conditioned to satisfy numbers, grades and the percentage of passing and failing.
When students are free from the shackles of strict schedules comes the time to let our minds roam and be free. As students, cultivating our interest and creativity is what helps us see the other side of life apart from grades.
People should not be suppressed from expressing themselves. That goes especially to our younger generation. We want them all to be molded into successful professionals one day, but young people are still bursting with unique creativity that it is a waste to avoid cultivating it further.
Molding a clay into something out of its nature will simply cause the clay to split apart. There is great joy in finding what our children may turn out to be in the future. With the right balance of guidance and independence they can find paths we have never even noticed before.
Its hard for young people to learn the joy of learning when there is no room to express themselves and discover what they truly want.
Young students are creative people, they can surprise anyone.


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