VCO vs. Covid

By Atty. Antonio P. Pekas

“Why is it called virgin? Because extraction of the oil is not by heating the coconut meat but through a “cold press.” I think heat would destroy a lot of the beneficial chemicals there.”

Covid-19 is not anymore just statistical numbers. It had been coming closer and closer to home– through lawyers in the city whom I consider to be my friends.
First, there was that lawyer who has a doctor kid but who hid from his family his having been infected. He had been hiding and ignoring the flu-like symptoms. On the 17th day he could not hide these anymore as he allegedly vomited blood. There was no choice but for him to be hospitalized. It was late but not too late. He lived to tell the tale, but his lungs suffered some damage. He had to lug a small oxygen tank the first few weeks he started working. He also infected two members of his family. Luckily, they were not as badly hit.
And it was very gracious and humanitarian of this lawyer to have taken to facebook to admonish others not to take covid as a joke and to take care. “Take it from me. Covid is real,” read his post.
An earlier case is another lawyer who related how he felt when he recovered from covid in the hospital. “Nagmadi riknak ken nagpasalamat ak ti Dios ta idi rimuarak ket in baga da nga diay sinublat ko idiay kama ket natay gayam gapo covid, he related. (I felt bad but thankful to God when they told me that the patient from whom I took over my hospital bed died of covid.)
Then there is this BRAVE lawyer with whom I had been in contact with who is presently in isolation. I said that he was BRAVE because he had been seen several times talking face to face, at short distances, with clients without wearing a mask. Neither were the clients wearing any.
So for me, covid has come very close.
Just last week, a lawyer also in the city died of covid. He was still young being still in his 50s.
But there is one thing that continues to surprise me. A good number of lawyers were not readers enough that they did not even know about the effect of virgin coconut oil. I wrote about this already once or twice in this paper which means not many people are reading me. Or that so many are not reading the things that matter.
I don’t really know if I got it right but the few things that I have read were saying that covid-19 has a jacket or disguise that enables it to get through a person’s immune system without being recognized. What does the virgin coconut oil (VCO) do with the virus?
The lauric acid in VCO destroys the jacket or the disguise of the virus so it cannot escape the watchful eyes of your immune system. That is, if your immune system is strong and not groggy due to drunkenness or bad lifestyle.
How is VCO taken? Orally. In the Department of Science and Technology sponsored medical experiments, patients were made to take one teaspoon or tablespoon of it 3X a day. The result? About one-half of the patients recovered from covid and the others did not display extreme symptoms that could have caused their death.
While more experiments might be needed on the matter, it does not hurt to take VCO everyday which I had been doing (a teaspoon 2X a day) since the hard lockdown and I’m OK so far—even if I am going anywhere. After all, VCO has other health benefits and it is cheap in drugstores and grocery stores.
Why is it called virgin? Because extraction of the oil is not by heating the coconut meat but through a “cold press.” I think heat would destroy a lot of the beneficial chemicals there.
For more details on the health benefits of VCO, just google it.**

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