DILG, councilors and vice mayors leagues hold comprehensive orientation for Cordi legislators


CLARK, Pampanga— The Department of the Interior and Local Government, in collaboration with the Philippine Councilors League and Vice Mayors League of the Philippines, both CAR chapters, hold a three-day Newly Elected Officials (NEO) Orientation Course to enable Cordillera local legislators and public servants to explore strategies that will drive better LGU services and performance toward more comfortable living condition of their constituents.
Senator Francis Tolentino who served as one of the inspirational speakers urged the local legislators to continue to serve as prime leaders and exemplars of good and participatory governance and to strive to emulate their dedication to public service as they carry out our responsibilities in the future in pursuit of good and inclusive participatory governance.
“As prime leaders, you are the cream of the crop of public service. Be excellent leaders in discharging your responsibilities and fulfilling your mandates. Let it be a reminder that, as public servants, you must always be guided by the finest principles of public administration, notably altruism, loyalty, dedication, excellence, integrity, responsiveness, and accountability,” he said.
Adding, “Let us not falter in dedicating our services. With our shared effort, we can always succeed in all of our endeavors.”
Meanwhile, Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, one of the inspirational speakers, urged local legislators and other functionaries to continue providing excellent and quality services in accordance with good governance principles.
Emphasizing “that public servants should embrace leadership that is inclusive, and non-violent. Leadership that is grounded in the inherent goodness and dignity of each one of us. Leadership that does our utmost not to harm others through our speech or through our actions, and yet has the courage to speak and act.”
“May you continue to find the potential for good in people and processes, and that you have the courage, creativity and compassion to develop that potential in ways that are good—for you, for your community, and for the seven generations to come.
DILG CAR Assistant Regional Director Ruperto Maribbay, Jr., Assistant explained that the NEO orientation serves as an avenue for the local legislators to learn, reflect, and share their valuable insights and learning discoveries with their fellow leaders, to forge ties with their partners in the local government sector, and to build a strong network among themselves – a community of development co-creators.
Adding, the orientation will also assist the local legislators in advancing their key local government units’ (LGUs’) capacities while adapting transformational leadership approaches based on values and ethical standards.
The activity served as a venue for local officials to be oriented on the Laws and Issuances Affecting Local Legislation that will aid in the formulation of their legislative proposals and provided an opportunity to establish linkage between the LGUs and National Government Agencies.
Resource people from partner agencies were invited to share their knowledge on the topics that will help local officials perform their duties.
Intergovernmental Relations and Local Executive-Legislative Relations, Local Legislative Awards and the Seal of Good Local Governance, Administrative Governance Facets, Sanggunian Quasi-Judicial Functions, Parliamentary Procedures for Local Legislators, and Development Legislation: The Sanggunian as Driver for Development, the ABCs on Effective Local Legislation are among the topics discussed.
The orientation was attended by 248 people, including City/Municipal Vice-Mayors, SP/SB Members, LNB Presidents, SK President, SB Secretaries, and other LGU Representatives.
Clamor for Autonomy
Senator Francis Tolentino who served as one of the inspirational speakers urged the local legislators and the Cordillerans to continue lobbying with congressmen for the passage of an autonomy bill so the upland region would get what it has been longing for.
The genuine aspiration of the Cordillerans for genuine autonomy is rooted on the right to self-determination of the people fueled by a long history of struggle for the recognition of their rights.
The Region serves as the foundation upon which the people of Cordillera shall be empowered “to pursue sustainable and inclusive growth, through the management, protection and development of their natural and human resources, and the promotion of the rights and culture of the Cordillera people.
On July 15, 1987, President Corazon Aquino issued Executive Order 220 which created the Cordillera Administrative Region as a transitory coordinating agency in preparation for autonomy. **PMTG/DILG-CAR


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