New Provincial administrator rallies employees towards change

Dr. Jose A. Tombali

“Change should start within us”!
That was the rallying point of Dr. Jose A. Tombali, the new Provincial Administrator, who may yet become the most pro-active administrator the province ever had.
In his initial days of addressing the provincial employees in a flag raising program one Monday morning, he exhorted everyone to be responsible enough, come to work early and do the works diligently instead of dilly-dallying and gossiping.
Introduction of change starts within one’s self, in the offices, and in the families. The assurance of happy life follows, according to him.
“Let us change what we have been doing in the past, in what we are accustomed to. Change is the only constant in this world”, was his words of exhortation.
Our new provincial administrator, who started his new job last April 15, 2021, is a retired mentor in the academe from the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC), who has reportedly earned his masteral and doctorate degrees in his later years of service.
He disclosed that he was once a councilor in his native place, Tanudan, Kalinga in his younger years when he was just 22 years old following the footsteps of his politician father.
He was employed in the Bureau of Lands as land investigator in 1980, taught at Tadian School of Arts and Trade as ROTC instructor in 1984, then as guidance counselor in 1985-1989.
In 1992, MPSPC opened in Tadian and he started as instructor. Then he became the dean of the College of Forestry in Mount Data, Bauko until 1995, then coordinator of extension services up to 2001.
With the turmoil in the college, he retired in 2007 at age 60. Now at 69, he is still fit for the job. Married an iTadian, he goes home there (Tadian).
A joker, he serves as a fresh personality and of change in the Capitol. He intersperses his discourses with anecdotes and tales of wisdom perhaps gained through his years of experience.
An advocate of good governance, he wants to elevate the provincial management to a Kapamilya, with the elements of good governance which are participation, empowerment, entrepreneurial, and accountability anchored on the national values of MakaDiyos, Makatao, and Makabansa.
The participation of the employees in governance should be essential and made integral part of the programs of whoever is at the helm.
He revealed his role or scope of involvement in governance in his new job. He said that approval of purchases of supplies worth P50,000 and below, travel and daily time records of heads of offices, and other routinary tasks are his new responsibilities.
Also the special body on education was given to him to oversee in recognition of his expertise as an educator and his penchant for enhanced management.
“I took it as an initiative to lead in crafting the goals and objectives of departments and offices anchored on the provincial vision and mission”, he said. The employees should participate, and be empowered, in the crafting and attainment of the goals and objectives.
Every employee should anchor his or her Individual Performance Commitment Review (IPCR) on the strategic objectives. So that all employees observe as participants in the attainment of the provincial vision.
He says that if employees understand their roles and involvement in government programs and activities, they would be happily involved and woukd acknowledge ownership of the programs.
But whatever endeavors one engages in, there are always discouragements and hindrances, he intimated. He is not one to be easily disheartened.
“Despite the advises towards persuading me to discontinue with my initiatives of change. I will have to carry on”, he finally remarked.**
Roger Sacyaten

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