COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Bontoc continues, 516 vaccinated

Bontoc, Mountain Province – A total of 516 individuals received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine since the start of the vaccination rollout in this capital town on March 18, 2021.
Those who were vaccinated belong to the A1 category to include the workers in frontline health services and the members of the Barangay Health Emergency Teams (BHERTs). The members of the BHERTs are the barangay officials and the Barangay Health Workers (BHWs). The COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Bontoc is being implemented by the Bontoc Local Government Unit through its Municipal Health Office (MHO).
According to Municipal Health Officer Dr. Diga Kay Gomez, Bontoc has targeted a total of 892 individuals who belong to the A1 category. Of 892 total target, 479 are members of the BHERTs, but only 223 individuals received their COVID- 19 vaccine shots. The 256 remaining members of the BHERTs declined to be vaccinated due to different reasons.
Before the start of the vaccination rollout, MHO personnel have been going around the barangays of Bontoc to conduct massive Information Education and Communication (IEC) campaigns about the COVID-19 vaccination program of the government. The MHO shared information about the vaccine during various meetings and barangay assemblies, distributed IEC materials; coordinated with barangay officials and midwives and mobilized them to inform and encourage those who belong to the A1 category to be vaccinated; provided free transportation going to the vaccination site; and reminded and encouraged, through text messaging and phone calls, those who belong to A1 category to avail of the free vaccines..
Aside from this, the staff from the MHO reported during the weekends, the Holy Week, and holidays only to accommodate those who are in the master list under the A1 category.
Dr. Gomez lamented that despite all their efforts, there are still individuals who belong to the A1 category who declined to be vaccinated. The refusal has slowed down or delayed the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in the municipality.
With this, the MHO appealed to the Department of Health (DOH)- Regional Office to proceed in vaccinating those who belong to the A3 category considering that they are waiting and willing to receive their first shots of the vaccine. Adults with controlled comorbidities are classified under the A3 category.
Bontoc Mayor Franklin Odsey reiterated his appeal to the public to avail of the free Covid-19 jabs for their protection and those people around them. Likewise, the mayor reminded those who received their first shots not to be complacent and adhere to the minimum public health standards (MPHS).
Since the start of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in the municipality, the MHO did not receive any report of life–threatening effects aside from the normal side effects.** Alpine L. Killa, Bontoc –LGU

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