Kakarefin water to boost business and tourism in the eastern front

PARACELIS, Mtn. Province – “We believe that the Paracelis water system project, to be called the Kakarefin Water”, will entice business investments, and tourism too, as we hopefully to make Paracelis a first class municipality”
That was the declaration of Mayor Marcos Ayangwa of this remotest eastern municipality of the province.
The project was launched on April 20,2021 at the source in Sitio Tollang, in Addang, Barangay Bunot with 11 kilometers distance to the center at Poblacion.
The project cost of P80 Million would be sufficient to bring potable water to Poblacion and Barangay Bantay, the initial beneficiaries, according to Ma. Evangeline Mellano, the Consultant hired by the local government unit to oversee the implementation of the waterworks project.
It was learned that some, more or less, 4,000 household connections in the two barangays will benefit from this project.
It will be metered so as to control water wastage and to be an income generating venture to be managed by the local government.
The expected output from the source is 800 liters per second, good enough to supply the two barangays that need only 40 liters per second.
“So, this will be the water source for other barangays. We will share water to the other barangays in the future”, said Mellano.
Reservoir water tanks, accordingly, will be installed in strategic areas along the route of the system that can be the connections to other barangays.
The project fund used for the waterworks project is a part of loan financed by Land Bank in the amount of P320 Million.
The Sangguniang Bayan granted authority to Mayor Ayangwa on March 2, 2020 to enter into loan agreement with Land Bank. Allocations for the P320 million follows: P80 for the Kakarefin Water project; P80 Million for the Multi-Purpose Building aka new Municipal Hall; 10 million for Engineered Sanitary Landfill; P10 Million for Central Terminal; P30 Million for purchase of equipment for the sanitary landfill; P25 Million for new Health Centers; and P85 Million for counterparts to PRDP projects otherwise known as Farm to Market Roads.
SB Resolution No. 2020-010 granted authority for the whole amount but Mayor Ayangwa said the repayment scheme is through progressive billing which means that interest depends on the withdrawn amount and as the projects are implemented not at one time.
“With the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) at roughly P240 Million, we are capable to pay the loan in 15 years”, said Mayor Ayangwa.
“With the certainty of the Mandanas law to be implemented next year, funds for the LGU will be forthcoming”, continued the mayor optomistically.
We have conducted earlier consultations with stakeholders and there was no opposition. Perhaps the oppositors have to be zealous on monitoring the implementations, according to the mayor.
“This project is the most basic of our projects as water is life. We ask for your support to this crucial project. By Christmas time we hope to deliver tap water to your faucets”, Mayor Ayangwa appealed to his constituents.**ROGER SACYATEN

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