Japan Karate Association Benguet host two day Gasshuku


By Beverly Moreno

Gasshuku or “intensive training together” on Japanese martial arts was held at the Benguet Provincial Capitol Auditorium last week of May. The event was graced by Shihan Oscar Obsioma, Chief Instructorof JKA Philippines, and Shihan Gilieto Luague, Chairman of JKA Philippines and representative to JKA Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
The gasshuku was simultaneously held with the promotion examinationof colored belt practitioners from the different JKA chapters of Benguet and Baguio. The first day of the event started with a warm up led by Shihan Obsioma, emphasizing the importance of perfecting the basic techniques and basic moves and their relevance during kumite and in executing katas, the detailed choreographed pattern movements in martial arts. Thereafter was the promotion activities for the colored belts conducted by Shihan Luague. The promotion examination kicked of with each karateka performing basic moves then executing atleast three katas, required of them by the examiner. After the promotion, feedbacks and words of encouragement were imparted by the two shihans.
Saving the best for the last day was the promotion for the blackbelts. This time, karatekas from Baguio and Bontoc, Mtn. Province were present. Due to the extensive and grueling advance techniques, only two karatekas were qualified for the First Dan or the First Blackbelt category, .Jeerald Bokilis and Dwyneth Gunan. They hurdled the examination with impressive and exceptional performances of both the kata and kumite. The event was concluded by the announcement of the results of the promotion examination. Sensei Herman Pelingen, head instructor of JKA LA Trinidad, said that the event was successful given that they only had very limited time to prepare. He likewise extended profound gratitude to all who extended help and support to the very meaningful event. He added, should you like to enrol yourself or your children for karate summer classes, feel free to visit our dojo at the third floor of the MDRRMC building located at KM 5, La Trinidad.


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